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What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Martial Art created for “Onore Ni Katsu” (To Master Yourself).  Although we practice techniques together with a partner, this is not a practice to learn how to beat someone in a fight.  These techniques can be used for Self Defense, however, using them in real fighting situations is not why we practice Aikido, and in fact, it will be very difficult to apply these techniques within a real fight in order to win.  What we learn from Aikido techniques and practice, is that within any challenging situation, we have the ability to keep calm and focused on our goals.  We also learn how to respect and appreciate others who have different skill sets and capabilities than we have.

What is Iyonoma Ryu Aikido?

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    Diversity of culture, age and gender

    Iyonoma Ryu Aikido practitioners come from many different countries around the world, range in age from 3 years old to seniors, and include both men and women from various professional and cultural backgrounds.

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    Multiple languages

    In the Kyoto Dojo Adult classes, we use English as the main language of instruction, and in the Almaty Dojo uses Russian as the main language of instruction. At IUJ, the language of instruction is in Japanese but as IUJ students are the main participants, the common language used is English. At our annual Gassyuku (training camp) and performance events, we use a combination of all of these languages.

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    Easy to Remember and Apply

    Iyonuyma Ryu was created based on the techniques of Seifukai Aikido, but organized in a way that makes each of these techniques easy to remember even if students practice only once a week. After students gain mastery of all of these sections, including all Waza and Kata, we will then introduce a number of variants and alternative techniques based on each individual’s capabilities.

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    A Wide Range of Self-Defense Techniques

    Iyonuma Ryu Aikido consists of a basic set of “Kihon” or fundamental movements and rolls, plus five related Sections (Section I, Section II, Section III, Section IV and Section V) that mostly include Waza and multiple Kata.

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    5 Years to Black Belt

    In order to receive a Black Belt (Shodan), you will need to practice more than 5 years in total (including your two years (60 Times Attendance) at our Dojo. If you have a way to practice after you graduate, either with other friends, or by teaching children, and can show proof of your ongoing practice, you can come back to Japan to test for your Black Belt.

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    The Founder of Iyonoma Ryu Aikido, Kinefuchi-sensei, was a live-in student of Minoru Mochizuki-sensei (Founder of Yoseikan Budo and Seifukai Aikido) for 5 years in Shizuoka Prefecture. Mochizuki sensei was a close student of Kano-sensei (the founder of Judo) and Ueshiba-sensei (the founder of Aikido).

Why Do You Practice IyonomaRyu Aikido?

Dojos & Practice Schedules



Main Instructor: Master Toru Kinefuchi

  • Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Shihan
  • Ojiya Aikido Committee Chairman
  • 5th Degree Black Belt, Seifukai Aikido
  • 5th Degree Black Belt, Japanese Jujutsu
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt, Judo



Budojo Horinouchi Gym 130 Horinouchi Uonuma-shi Niigata

  • Kids class 19:00〜20:00
  • Junior high school 20:00〜21:00


Budojo Ojiya Gym 4915 Sakura machi Oaza Ojiya-shi Niigata
TEL 0258-83-0078

  • Adult class 17:00〜18:30
  • Kids, Jr. High, High School class 18:30〜20:00


Sawarabi Hall Urasa Minamiuonuma-shi

  • Kids class 18:30〜19:30
  • Over Jr. High School class 19:45〜21:00

If you are interested in practicing with Kinefuchi-sensei in Niigata, please contact Yoshie-sensei at one of the following email addresses.  Please replace [at] with the @ mark.





Main Instructor: Yoshie Sugai

  • Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Shihandai
  • 7th Degree Black Belt



Iki Iki Shiminkatsudo Center, 2nd Floor
Sakyo-western Kyoto, Tanakagenkyo-cho 149, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

  • Adult class 19:15〜20:45


Motomachi Kaikan, 18-1 Motomachi Niigata
Koyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 〒603-8112

  • Children up to Elementary School, 6th Grade: 18:30〜19:30
  • Jr. High School & High School, 19:30 ~ 21:00

If you are interested in practicing with Yoshie-sensei in Kyoto, please visit the Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Kyoto website or contact her at the following email address.  Please replace [at] with the @ mark.




Main Instructor: Azamat Ahmullaev

  • Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Kyoju
  • 4th Degree Black Belt, Iyonoma Ryu Aikido


TUESDAY & THURSDAY: Adult Class: 20:00 ~ 21:30

SATURDAY: Adult Class:  15:00 ~ 16:30

98, Mendekulova (corner Bayturova) Street

Phone:+7705 152 46 25

Latest News and Comments

I have been practicing Iyonoma Ryu Aikido since I was in college at Kyoto University, and now I am doing Master Degree there in Civil Engineering. I really enjoy practicing Aikido, we are doing the technique, as well as learning the meaning behind the technique. Through learning Aikido, I realized that Aikido practice is not only to develop strong person, but also how to bring prosperity to society. I want to continue to practice various techniques and have a better understanding of its philosophy.

Aulia (Indonesia)
Aulia (Indonesia) Kyoto University Masters Student

In 2014, when I decided to start practicing Aikido with Yoshie-sensei and Phillip-sensei, I have to admit my main motivation was to learn as many self-defense techniques as possible in order to protect myself from others. Nevertheless, the more I studied and learned about Iyonuma Ryu Aikido, the more I could understand that Aikido goes much farther than just self-defense techniques. I was not only making my body stronger, but more importantly, I was also strengthening my mind and developing a new perspective about life. Nowadays, it is this “inner development” what has become my biggest motivation to keep practicing, learning and improving. I want to deepen my understanding about Iyonuma Ryu Aikido’s unique philosophy and teachings on how to “master ourselves” (己に克つ) and how to reach “mutual prosperity” (自他共栄). These are concepts that I can apply not only in Aikido, but also at work and even in my personal life.

Daniel (El Salvador)
Daniel (El Salvador) Finance Executive

私が合気道を学んで、驚いていることがあります。それは、 合気道の技や考えが自然と仕事や日常生活に繋がっていると実感し たことです。 例えば、相手が自分に攻撃をしてきた時、 合気道では相手の力を利用し自分の力をほとんど出さずに相手を倒 すことができます。時と場合によりますが、職場で上司に怒られたときに、 反撃をしてしまうと余計に怒りを煽ってしまいますが、 相手の意見を素直に受け入れ自分の意見も発言することで不思議と 怒りは収まり自分の思う通りに話が進みます。私は合気の思想や自他共栄の大切さを魚沼流合気道にて常に学ばせ てもらっています。

Ono (Japan)
Ono (Japan) Sports Trainer

Interested in Joining our Practice?

If you would like to learn more about Iyonoma Ryu Aikido, and come experience our practice, please contact us by email or by telephone.  There is a 1,000 Yen charge to attend this first practice.  Please wear comfortable clothes.