Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Dojo in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In 2016, we officially endorsed the opening of our first overseas Iyonoma Ryu Aikido Dojo in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The main instructor for this Dojo is Azamat Ahmullaev, who graduated the IUJ Aikido Club. He practiced with us for four years, and he kept practicing after he graduated and returned home. He and his wife Jyldyz also joined last year’s Gassyuku in Kyoto, Japan.

It’s a wonderful feeling to watch a long-time friend and practice partner help us take the first step to spread Kinefuchi-sensei’s Aikido overseas. We will also all do our best here in Japan to continue our practices with passion and dedication. I’m looking forward to have a day in the future that other of our students will follow in Azamat’s footsteps, and help bring true my dream to spread Iyonoma Ryu Aikido around the world.